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  1. Hy Manish, I test both versions. Store and download version have the same behavior. I install 6.7.4 and install all vaults. After that the version 6.8 did not start with the data base anymore Macbook pro 14" max amd Macos version 12.3.1
  2. Hi, since version 6.8 it is not longer possible to restore multiple vaults from the same webdav server. I receive the message that the same account is already connected. But it is not the same account. It is just the same URL to the webdav server. The account has a different username and password. Until version 6.7.4 it was possible to connect to multiple vaults fron the same server. It seems that this version just checks if the server address is already used and not if this is a different account. In 6.7.4 I sync about 8 vaults from the same server
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