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  1. Hi Gulshan Thanks for the reply and good advice. I only just 10 minutes ago got it working on my IPhone. I ended up uninstalling it on my IPhone and reinstalled Enpass and I was able to put in a Master Pasword. I'll have to watch youtube videos in regard to using it and my son is using it so can get some help there. I'll have to sort it out now on my Windows 10 PC. All good for now and hopefully I'll understand how to use Enpass soon. Thanks again. Col
  2. I paid the one time fee but do not know what to do next? I paid on my PC and loaded Enpass on my IPhone 11 but seems to be a free version. Anyone help? EDIT: Looks like the program is working on IPhone with Face Recognition. It is using Apple ID to open Enpass. The Master Password does not work and says 23 Items remaining. Is that the free version. I have installed the program on PC but it says put in Master Password but it does not work. I have put a password in for this forum but not sure if it is the Master Password for the program? Where do I create a Master Password? Looks like my payment is not linked to my email. How do I do that?
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