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  1. Great to see that the issue of tag sorting has finally been addressed in the latest update. I still miss the "lock now" option but I can work around it. Many thanks to Abhishek and the developers for getting it sorted.
  2. Thanks for your interventions on this matter. Sadly, resolving the tag issue appears to have a low priority and has been overtake by other issues. I am not hopeful of it being fixed any time soon. There is a Beta release out (, but that doesn't address the issue either. As I have mentioned earlier, I use Version which does not have this issue and also has the "lock now" functionality. For me, any subsequent "enhancements" do not mitigate the loss of these features.
  3. That works! Many thanks, looking forward to the next update.
  4. Unable to back up to local device either ("couldn't save document"). A problem with backups ("null files") was fixed in the update of 01/02/23. It would appear that the update of 03/05/23 broke it again.
  5. Sadly not. They are only sorted until the "more" button is pressed. I continue to use an old version, when this wasn't a problem.
  6. Hi Abhishek, Thanks for the update. I am relieved and delighted that the null backup file problem for users who switch off 'lock on leave' has now been resolved. Sadly for me, the emphasis on 'lock on leave' and biometric validation with the abandonment of 'lock now' and the still unresolved issue of tag sorting is not compensated by the enhancements to the app. For now at least, I will continue to use the app, but an older version ( with auto updates switched off and without an Enpass Premium subscription. I will keep the situation under review. Many thanks to you and others for your input and actioning the update.
  7. Many thanks. Sadly, the development team is developing an unfortunate habit of introducing bugs when they issue an update. The failure of tag sorting, flagged earlier, has still not been resolved. This issue is much more serious as it resulted in backup files which were unrecoverable. A test for null backup files and a warning to the user should be a top priority.
  8. Many thanks for that Samuela. You're absolutely right.Putting aside the pain of working with lock on leave activated, the backup is only done when you log back into Enpass. Why has it changed? It's rediculous to do the backup when you log back in. If you don't log back in, the backup won't be done. Enpass should check for a null file and output a warning. People's data is at risk.
  9. There appears to be a critical error in the latest release of Enpass (758). Backup files stored to a local device are empty. The same data backed up using Version 734 is okay. I enclose a screenshot from the file manager. Recorded on a Samsung Galaxy S7 running Android 8.0
  10. Hi everyone, Good to see an update to Enpass after a long 4 month wait and great that the visibility issues when long pressing on a password have now been resolved. Disappointing however that the issue of tag sorting (after selecting the "more" button) has still not been addressed. The other new changes are of less importance to me so I will now revert back to an older version of Enpass whilst I consider its future. The Enpass Premium subscription will not be renewed as I will not pay a subscription for enhanced functionality whilst existing functionality is lost.
  11. Many thanks for the update and progressing this matter. The dark mode issue is a visibility issue related to the password problem. It is not related to the tags issue.
  12. Hi Abhishek, Many thanks for your continued interest and help in these matters. I have also noted that the legibility problems experienced are also present in dark mode, not a mode that I work in. I have restarted and reinstalled the app and switched the phone off and on many times, with no resolution to the tag issue. The initial display of tags is alphabetically sorted. It's pressing the "more" button that seems to cause the problems. Best regards Brian
  13. Hi Abhishek, Thanks for your interest and help. As requested, I have backed up the Enpass data, wiped the data from the app, and uninstalled it. I have then re-installed the app from the Google Playstore and re-loaded the data. I have attached some screenshots showing: 1)App Version No. from Main Menu 2)Tag List 3)Password with character count. As can be seen, the tag and password issues have not been resolved. The logout issue is a design decision. I don't agree with it ( I think that every security app should have a logout button) but I can live with it if I have to. Hope this might shed some light Best regards Brian
  14. Thank you. That point hadn't occurred to me.
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