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  1. Hi Abhishek,

    Many thanks for your continued interest and help in these matters. I have also noted that the legibility problems experienced are also present in dark mode, not a mode that I work in.

    I have restarted and reinstalled the app and switched the phone off and on many times, with no resolution to the tag issue. The initial display of tags is alphabetically sorted. It's pressing the "more" button that seems to cause the problems.

    Best regards



  2. Hi Abhishek,

    Thanks for your interest and help.

    As requested, I have backed up the Enpass data, wiped the data from the app, and uninstalled it. I have then re-installed the app from the Google Playstore and re-loaded the data. I have attached some screenshots showing:

    1)App Version No. from Main Menu

    2)Tag List

    3)Password with character count.

    As can be seen, the tag and password issues have not been resolved. The logout issue is a design decision. I don't agree with it ( I think that every security app should have a logout button) but I can live with it if I have to.

    Hope this might shed some light

    Best regards







  3. Hi Abhishek,

    Thanks for the reply. Glad that the latter two issues have been sorted. I look forward to receiving the latest update.

    I cannot agree with you about "lock on leaving". Having this set means that if you reply to a WhatsApp message, say, whilst leaving the Enpass window open, you are logged out of Enpass. Even logging on to an online site (like this one) from Enpass results in being logged out when autofill is initiated. I find it unworkable, especially with a long complicated master password. Am I missing something?

    Best regards




  4. Hello everyone, this is my first post.

    The recent update to the Enpass front end (648) has certainly improved the appearance. Unfortunately however, this has come at the expense of some useful functionality, described below.

    1) The logout symbol (padlock) has now disappeared. Somewhat surprising for a security app! Setting logout on exit (suggested by the Help Desk) is a nightmare when multitasking or autofilling from the browser, and force stopping it produces issues.

    2) On entry, all records are now displayed alphabetically by default, requiring scrolling through a long list. Who uses a filing system like that? Display by tag is now consigned to a sub menu, split over more than one page, and entries are displayed in some unfathomable order. If we have to use this system, at least present them in alphabetical order.

    3) The incredibly useful feature to long press a password to display a count against each character no longer works. Dark blue numbers on a black background is not a good combination! Acknowledged by Enpass, the fix failed to make the most recent update.

    Sorry if all this all sounds negative. I really do like the app!

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