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  1. Hello all, hello Enpass Support I have been using Enpass since its beginning and I could not do without it anymore I have all my digital life in this application so i have a Pro license. My problem is this: I use Enpass mainly on my computer under Windows 10 but I also synchronize it with my phone under Androïd via my Google Drive. So I can access to my vault on my phone with my fingerprint. Six months ago, i lost my main vault's password of my computer. Now, my only way to access to my Enpass vault is my cell phone. A month ago I changed my cell phone, so I reinstalled Enpass on the new one but couldn’t restore my safe because I don’t have the key. How could I transfer my Enpass Vault from my old Cel to the new one without the main psw ? Please tell me I won’t have to (re)copy everything by hand or with copy/paste Thx for help
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