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  1. Good news - updated today to Enpass 6.8.3 (667) and the problem has gone... no more freezing.
  2. Version 6.8.1 (633) on iOS 16.0.1 about 600 Items and 15 attachments in the main vault (with iCloud sync) and about 300 Items and 10 attachments in the webdav vaults.
  3. Just switched to my new iPhone 14 and now I have a problem: I sync 3 additional vaults via webdav internal only (and the main vault with iCloud). So the webdav-servers are not reachable from the internet (DNS will resolve, but there will be no answer from the servers). When outside the local network, enpass opens and when it tries to sync the app freezes after a few seconds. When disabling the data network (airplane mode) enpass works and just reports that there is no connection to the sync store - all fine. This did not happen with my old phone on iOS 15. Not sure if it is a Problem with iOS 16 or the iPhone 14. Maybe somebody can do some testing with this?
  4. I was happy about todays update in the AppStore.... but no fix for this issue :-( So still unusable on my new mac...
  5. Sorry, no demo available. WebDAV server only available in local network.
  6. Same here - it's a "simple" problem - but I think only Enpass can solve it: I have my WebDAV server with "Digest-Authentication" and running fine since a long time with Enpass. All updates ran without problems including 6.8.1. But on a new Mac (latest 12.4 / Intel), when adding a WebDAV account Enpass wants to authenticate with "Basic-Authentication" only.... switching to "Basic" on the server works for the new client, but you get the authentication error on the other clients which ran fine with "Digest" since the first setup. So.... switched back to "Digest" and waiting for a fix or workaround.
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