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  1. Hi Manish - Thanks for quick response I am able to add the sync server to firewall but not progress. Please see more details below. I have VPN but I turned it off while trying the sync. So far I only tried Wi-Fi sync No error, it is keep spinning on my iPhone, I waited for at lest 35 min, where as Wi-Fi server running on Mac and both are in same network. It is installed from from Apple App store - version 6.8.1 (1060)
  2. Hi Manish, Any resolution to this issue, I do face the same issue. I am using system with below configuration Mac Book Pro - OS - Big Sur - 11.6.6 When I open system preference and navigate to security & privacy -> Firewall , I do not see any application/process running with name "wifisyncserver_bin" . Pleas help.
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