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  1. Hi Enpass Guys

    Enpass is a great Product and having our DataVault local is the number one selling point for us and our 500 clients ;-)

    ...that said, the number one feature request we get is to be able to use the Enpass Menu/File/Export feature on just one Item/Record instead of only the whole Vault containing ALL passwords.

    So many times you've got to be able to export one single or just 2-3 items for someone & this would be a major improvement for all of us - and not very difficult to implement for You guys I guess...

    Thanks for listening


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  2. Hi dear Enpass Support

    I'm having an Enpass WiFi Server suddenly want to connect to itself ? Error: Sync Error Destination folder for sync is unreachable

    But it is on the WiFi Sync Server itself where I get this error (Enpass, macOS 12.4 on MacBookPro18,1 M1 Pro)

    The vault is visible and everything looks fine otherwise. There are 3 other Mac's & one iPhone on the same WiFi Network being Sync-Client to this server and where working fine for weeks. Tried Pause/Resume Server, reboot Mac, change Network etc - to no avail

    any hints would be greatly appreciated




  3. Dear Enpass Developers

    We're an IT Support company helping many of our customers to switch from 1Password to Enpass. The initial migration works pretty nice (at least with the old .pif format ;-)

    The problem they're having is to export/share single Enpass records into .csv format to share with other Managers.

    Why not iinclude an Option to export/share a single (or multiple) items to an .csv Format ?

    Thanks for listening / Mik

    (Enpass on macOS 12.4)

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