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  1. I need a way to control auto-updating. I don't want the latest release installed without my consent. This can be done a number of ways. If you have two release paths, security vs. feature you can control it in a granular fashion by allowing users to automatically take security releases, but not automatically take feature releases. Either way, allowing options such as: Check for updates and install automatically Notify of available updates but do not install Ignore updates would be welcome options. If there is already such an option, please point me to it. Thanks.
  2. Tossing my hat into the ring for this one. I signed up just for this reason. It is a security issue that did not exist until a recent update. The best fix here is to remove the "Alt" key shortcut entirely, as that will result in a quick-fix and turnaround. Nobody will complain about the loss of a feature that nobody uses, particularly when it causes a security bug. This should be included in a quick-turnaround patch release and NOT wait for a feature release.
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