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  1. @yoda I had a discussion about that behavior via dm. So here is my solution, but I am hoping that it will be fixed very soon. It seems, that there is an issue in the versioning of the password-fields. I figured out, that in several stored entries the history was incredibly large, and somehow it doubles itself every time while saving these entries. I could encircle the entries by separating all entries in clusters and afterwards, checking the password history of the relevant records. Sometimes single entries were causing a data amount of roughly 2 GB! I got rid of these entries only by deleting them and after that, deleting the whole safe and creating a new save. It is a possible workaround but it needs very much time in investigating. As Gulshan said, they could recreate the issue and the dev team is working on it. Perhaps this will help you too.
  2. @Gulshan Dogra Thanks for getting back to me. I am happy that you could reproduce it. Please also see my dm describing everything in detail and also some suggestions on tiny feature requests. I can’t wait to download the fixed version. cheers
  3. @Gulshan Dogra, of course I can, here is the needed information: The latest file size of the automatic backups is: 1.2 GB. As I can see, the size increased dramatically from 2022-06-07 - 1 vault 848 items - 105.5 MB 2022-06-11 - 1 vault 848 items - 231.4 MB - Could that be a date of an update!? 2022-06-12 - 1 vault 850 items - 435.1 MB 2022-06-12 - 1 vault 850 items - 264.2 MB - Approx. 5 hours later w/o huge changes. 2022-06-15 - 1 vault 848 items - 591.1 MB ... It stood somewhere around 500 - 591 MB and increased again dramatically after the 2022-06-29 - 3 vault 974 items - 516.3 MB 2022-06-30 - 3 vault 976 items - 1.2 GB I attached some screens. These are from opening Enpass, searching and clicking on one of the search results. I am facing the lag or slowness on every move in Enpass. As I wrote, it is nearly unusable for me.
  4. Hi @Gulshan Dogra, thanks for replying. I am facing the issue on 6.8.2 (1082) MacOS, 6.8.1 (633) iOS, 6.8.1 (633) iPadOS and the two prior versions. All from the AppStore. To be honest, I am not totally sure about the two prior versions, but I know that the issue does not exist before and it nearly works like a charm.
  5. Hi, I am experiencing a very bad performance since the last two updates of Enpass. Opening the App directly or via a browser plugin, leads to nearly 1-2 minutes of waiting. This behavior is very frustrating and drives my crazy, hence I am thinking about to go back to 1PW. My setup is the following on different devices: 1-7 vaults about 900 entries in one vault, about 100 per each vault about 50 attachments sync via web-dav to a Synology NAS I am using Enpass on iOS, iPadOS, MacOS (12.4) Intel and MacOS (12.4) on a M1. Every device behaves in the same way. Some times a sync breaks or I am getting a message, that my password has changed, which I did not. I tried several things in hoping to speed it up, but had no luck: disabling web-icons removing sync changing sync to iCloud Drive disabling audit disabling show numbers I really would be happy if you could fix that very soon in the next update. Honestly, in the past I was really satisfied with using Enpass. But if you are using it every day, you are going nuts with that. Benkenobi
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