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  1. This issue can be marked as resolved. It was related to the time being off just ever so slightly. Re-synched my devices to NTP servers. Managed to find another similar thread in the forum which pointed me in the right direction. Thanks!
  2. Hello, Recently I noticed an odd behaviour with the multi-factor auth within Enpass. I kept locking myself out of different services which I at first thought to be a timing issue where the 'one time code' ran out before I managed to copy and paste it from the Enpass app. But now when I'm looking a bit closely on this, it seems that the 'one time code' is generating the wrong digits when added into Enpass. When setting up a new multi-factor auth (tried both with QR-scan and entering hashed code manually) I was not able to complete the multi-factor auth setup due to the code generated in Enpass not being accepted. However when i try the same process in another authenticator app, it works fine. When adding the same hashed code manually in Enpass and a different authenticator the 'one time code' shown differs. I'm running macOS 12.4 with Enpass 6.8.2 (build 1082) I've also tried this on Windows 10 and iPhone which generate same results. Assistance would be much appreciated.
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