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  1. Personally I think you misunderstand tagging, for the UI it is clear that multiple tags can be assigned to an item. This is useful in that it allows an item to be accessed via multiple paths. Among other thing I use Enpass to keep track of my home network With two adult sons living at home and all of us working in IT it's a large home network. its useful to be able to access items by host name, device type (appliance, laptop, etc.) and location. tagging make this easy. To move an item you only have to remove the unwanted tag.
  2. Any news on when the patch will be out, it's is driving me crazy as well. Didn't much point in fixing it until I know the patch is in place. BTW I'm on 6.9.1 (build? 1511) Can't say I've seen any UI slowdown either on MacOS Ventura or POP-OS! 22.04
  3. I downloaded Enpass for windows about 30 minutes ago have exactly the same problem master password correct but rejected, tried using a text editor as suggested same issue, copied file with password to my Linux machine which has an older version, worked fine there, on re-opening Enpass I noticed the activation prompt and ran the activation process after which it accepted the password and synced up with no issues. I don't recall seeing the activation prompt on the initial open which was done from the post install link Hope this helps
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