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  1. There should be availability To sync all Vaults to a Single cloud Storage....if we wish to.... Please take it into consideration I know you will now either say nothing or say hey you can do this with webdav or business account.....But what if i don't have computer & not have business account as well Now you will say you can use tags for that purpose & use a single vault....But let me remind you that if i have multiple details for example say a a Particular bank of my family members as well....i can't recognise them by searching because they all are in same vault but if there are in different vault then we can easily search & find desired results I hope you will reconsider it
  2. It's Android 12 on OnePlus 9R...Enpass Version am using my device storage to sync i.e. Folder Method But when I try to restore the same vault from that folder.... attachments aren't available.... Thanks
  3. Hi... 1. there is option to sync individual vaults to our device storage BUT if we restore from that backup then then why attachments aren't getting restored 2. Atleast there should be option to sync all Vaults together to a device folder
  4. So you are saying that all the vaults can't be synced to a single cloud storage....Do you know how cubersome task it is to do if you have multiple vaults?? You must be knowing that it's a feature request.... I'm not trying to know what is already available or not... Thanks But no thanks for replying
  5. Hey ...I would like to sync all of vaults to a Single cloud Storage.... Kindly consider it
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