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  1. Moin Abhishek Dewan! Where do I find this configuration? It is Nextcloud 24.0.1snap1 on ubuntu-server 20.04.4 LTS?
  2. Sorry, it is a local server without any access from internet and I'm not able to configure this.
  3. Fully updated manjaro linux (rolling release) Android 8.1.0 on Samsung Android 8.1.0 pure
  4. Using enpass on two different android devices. Since buildin nextcloud access does not work any more, I connect through webdav to server. When I create a new Item on an android the next sync empties vault.enpassdbsync on server. The file size is 0B. You can repair the file using the option from error on next sync. The linux desktop client 6.8.1(1063) works fine since vault.enpassdbsync is ok. Normal sync on android seems to be broken too. A new item created on linux does not appear, since I fully restart enpass on android.
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