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  1. I debugged this issue further and can share the following: vault.enpassdb was initially 850 MB. I exported Enpass data to json and realized that 1 entry had a huge list of password history entries. I manually removed them. The json file size got reduced to 6MB. After I have imported the data from the modified json file, vault.enpassdb is now 400MB. I have 70 enpassattach files with a total size of 8MB. I turned off "Use Website icons" and "Check compromised passwords". Having those options turned off, Enpass is more responsive, but still not optimal. I also get the impression that while Enpass is syncing with WebDav, the main Enpass window is not responsive.
  2. The size of the vault.enpassdb file is 780MB
  3. Enpass on Mac 12.5.1: 6.8.2 (Opening a vault uses 6GB of memory and freezes for 30 seconds) Enpass on iOS 15.6.1: 6.8.1 800+ items are stored
  4. Hi team I am using the latest version of Enpass on Mac and iOS devices, installed via the App Store. Enpass gets very slow, freezes, often crashes to an extend that the app is not usable anymore. I have 800+ password entries in 1 vault. My sync service is a local WebDav service. Any help is very much appreciated.
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