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  1. Hey @Manish Chokwal Thanks for the reply, I use 'Match URL Hostname' as an extra bit of security so it was already enabled. I removed the extension from Brave and reinstalled it and so far so good - though I haven't yet restarted the browser or PC to make sure the fix is permanent. Thanks for your help
  2. Hi @Manish Chokwal Every single website that I use enpass for, ranging from multiple email providers, to telco companies, banks. Is happening literally on all 100+ sites that I have in enpass - only in Brave browser though, other browsers are behaving as per normal
  3. Hi @Manish Chokwal, I am having the exact same issue, however I am using Brave browser not firefox, this started maybe a week or two ago and is happening on every single login that is in Enpass. Is this still an issue? or is it supposed to be fixed by now? I installed Enpass via my package manager maybe 2 years ago and it has been working perfectly fine up until recently. After testing, the issue is NOT occurring in Firefox or Chrome - however Brave is the only browser that I use. Brave Version 1.43.93 Chromium: 105.0.5195.127 (Official Build) (64-bit) Manjaro Linux 22.0.0 Kernel 5.19.7-1 Enpass Version: 6.8.1 (1063)
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