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  1. Sure the version numbers are as follows: Windows 11: 6.83.1152.0 Android: iOS: 6.8.3 (667) I am using windows 11, Android 12, ios 16.0.2
  2. Hello Abhishek, I have ensured I am doing this. I have this error on Windows, ios and android. I don't have this issue on the macos app. All versions are the latest version available via their respective stores. Could this be a callback token caching issue after authorization?
  3. I think enpass replaces the 1st onedrive connection with the second one.
  4. Now all my devices have his error (Phones, desktops and laptops) Previously the sync error was specific to the Windows app
  5. I followed your above steps and I still get the sync error
  6. Hello I have 2 OneDrive accounts (hotmail and outlook) I use one for Personal passwords in a Primary Vault and the other for Work related passwords in another Vault, when I set up sync for both, everything goes fine for about 1 min then I get Sync errors the first OneDrive sync I set up the picture shows what I get. to the left is the data of my personal password which I want to sync on my hotmail account to the right is the work passwords that I want to sync on my outlook accounts. I used to be able to sync the 2 onedrive vaults with out issue before
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