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  1. Abhishek, could you give us an idea of when we can expect to see the next major update to which you refer. I'm not looking for a specific date, just an indication of how long we have to wait – a few days, a month or two or more than that?
  2. tatami

    Sync Error nightmare

    Thank you for responding to my plea for help, Abhishek. I've finally mananged to get the syncing on my MacBook working. I disconnected the WiFi-Sync server on my Mac Studio as you suggested. The problem I then had was that even after restarting my MacBook, when I opened Enpass it was stuck in an endless trying-to-sync loop, ie the Synchronising wheel goes round and round and round endlessly and there's no obvious way of terminating the process. Then I noticed out of the corner of my eye that for just a few seconds and once only a Disconnect button appeared. So I had to quit Enpass again, then watch like a hawk for a few minutes until that button reappeared. I clicked it and reset the sync. Now all is well. I do think it would be a good idea to change the app's behaviour in the event of a failed sync in order to avoid this hassle. Anyway, I appreciate your help here.
  3. I have Enpass running on my Mac Studio. This is my main copy and I have set it up as my Wi-Fi Sync Server. I have a single vault and this syncs without a problem with Enpass on my iPad and iPhone. When I try to sync it with Enpass on my MacBook Pro, I get a Sync Error message: "Couldn't connect to WiFi Sync Server. Make sure that server is running and you are connected to same network." I've turned off the firewalls on both Macs. I've restarted both Macs. I've restarted my wireless network. I've stopped and started Wi-Fi Sync on the Mac Studio. I'm so frustrated. What can I do to sort this? By way of background, both Macs are running macOS 13.0.1 and Enpass 6.8.4.
  4. I really appreciate your quick response, @Abhishek Dewan. I'm just struggling to understand why the fix is taking so long. For me at least, it's not as if this is a minor issue. I really hope it's now at the top of your development team's priorities.
  5. So I updated to the new version of Enpass and the problem is still there. It's been around for SUCH a long time. Please ask your developers for a timeline for fixing it and let us know. Thank you.
  6. Thanks for getting back to me, @Abhishek Dewan. I have to say, this issue is more than a little inconvenient. Had I not bought a lifetime license, I would be seriously thinking about returning to 1Password because right now I have to keep restarting Enpass and manually entering the long and secure password I use to access it. So, I really hope it won't be long before the patch is ready.
  7. Just to say, I'm experiencing the same problem. It's unbelievably frustrating. It would be great to have an indication of when the patch will be available.
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