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  1. Hi, since I was syncing to iCloud and OneDrive, and had all my vaults there, I decided to completely remove Enpass from my two computers and reinstall it and then re-add my vaults. So far, for a day, it hasn't locked when the computer goes to sleep, so I'm hoping it's resolved. I'll let you know if it happens again.
  2. Hi, I updated to 6.8.5 and it unfortunately still locks after the computer sleeps. I always keep the Enpass app open, so it is still running after the computer wakes up, but it is locked. It is a fairly recent issue, since it wasn't happening a few weeks ago. Looking forward for any other things I can try to resolve it. Thanks.
  3. Hi, I'm on ARM Mac, OS 13.1 and the Mac Store version of Enpass version 6.8.4. Whenever my Mac sleeps and wakes up, the Enpass app is still running, but it's locked. Not sure if it is related, but now every time I have to unlock the Enpass app (every time my Mac wakes up) it says there is an iCloud sync error and I have to re-authenticate with iCloud (where I sync my primary vault). These issues only started a few weeks ago. Before, everything was working perfectly. This is suddenly happening on both of my Macs (Air M1 and Mini M1). Hopefully you have some insight or things to try. Thanks!
  4. I've turned off all the auto-lock settings (see pic), yet the main Enpass app keeps on locking every time my computer sleeps. It only started happening recently. It's annoying. Is there any way to fix it?
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