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  1. Thank you for replying. It is fixed. I even connected it with Google Drive instead of Dropbox
  2. Thank you for replying. I backed up the 171 items and uninstall enpass from PC. Then I re-installed it on PC, and asked where I want to syn my files from. So, I chose dropbox and it imported 155 items. Is there a way to restore the 171 items to my existing PC version?
  3. Ok, I did. It restored 155 items on my desktop (same number that my mobile had). It seems that the rest 16 items were saved locally. I still have the local backup that contains all items. How shall I proceed?
  4. I disconnected the Vault from my android and then uninstalled the app. Was not prompted to delete any data from Dropbox I disconnected the Vault from my PC and then I was asked if I wanted to delete the data from Dropbox. Since then, it stacked 'deleting data'. I waited for around 10 minutes, but unfortunately, nothing happened. I even tried restarting my PC and going through the process again, but it's still not working. It's quite frustrating and time-consuming. Is there any chance we could explore a different method instead of using Dropbox?
  5. Hi Abhishek, So, Desktop: I go to the already sync Vault at my Desktop which is connected (with 171 items). But there's no 'Setup Sync' option. Please see attached Image "1". Mobile: I am not sure what to restore. Shouldn't I delete something first before restoring? There is already a Dropbox vault with the same email adress as with that with the desktop, but as said only 155 items here. Please note that I've already removed the app, and re-assigned the vault, which restored 155 items instead of 171. So my guess is an error from the side of the Desktop device.
  6. Hello all, I am facing this issue a long time ago. My desktop (connected to the same network with my mobile via ethernet) fails to sync items with the vault as shown in the picture below. Thus, mobile has got 160 items whereas the Desktop has 170. The dropbox link shows that it was sync'ed 1/6/23 but I am pretty sure the problem persists a long time before that. Any tip would be highly appreciated. What am I missing here?
  7. Still not working for me. I will have to look for alternatives during the Black Friday
  8. They will become more active when they see the shistorm of negative reviews today
  9. I got this error before updating the store. I update the store, the error persists. So frustrating.
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