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  1. Unfortunately, I've had this problem for a long time and it's extremely annoying. Maybe someone has a tip that will lead to the solution. Thank you
  2. Thanks! But if I'm in the ionos login area, for example, it shows me all the matching entries. If I then search for the customer name, it not only shows me the ionos entries with the customer name I am looking for, but all entries in which the customer name occurs, including those that have nothing to do with ionos. In addition, with 1Password you could set whether or not each entry should be displayed in the browser.
  3. I switched to Enpass because it annoys me that I'm supposed to store my data in a third-party cloud and can't choose which cloud. Also, do I have to pay monthly or annually. I much preferred being able to decide whether or not to spend money on an update (I almost always did). It's great that Enpass has almost everything, just like 1Password! But sometimes it depends on the little things. For example, I have a lot of customers at ionos and the accesses were all saved in 1Password. When I was then on the login page, all the records were displayed as if the website had ionos in the name. If I then entered the customer's name, only the customer's access data to ionos appeared. With Enpass, the search is probably not based on the URL, but on the keywords. Even when I search for ionos and the customer name, I often don't find the right data set. Am I doing something wrong? Maybe someone has a tip? Thanks, Greetings wolfgang
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