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  1. Hi, i would love an option for auto dark mode on windows enpass app so its always the same as system mode. May you could think about an Implementation same as the follow system option on android app.
  2. Recently i've changed vom 1Password to Enpass and i've discovered some disadvantages even if i think i like Enpass more over all. On 1Password there was a popup on mobile devices both apps and browsers (on screen or on later android versions over compatible keyboards) for OTP, they were not just copied to the clipboard. Why could this be a problem? If i try to fill in a copied and expired OTP with Enpass, i have to open the app, search for the login and copy the new OTP, thats really anoying. If there appears a popup, the OTP is always actual and i don't have to long press on the OTP field and tap "paste", thats way more convenient. Additional problem: If i use biometric login for PayPal app for example, i'm always asked for a code from SMS or authenticator app, in this case i have no cance to autofill, i have always to open Enpass app manually und copy OTP. Is there such an option for Enpass? Are there any plans to integrate it? Left side is alwas Enpass, right 1Password.
  3. i've tested a little bit and found the following behavior: I have to check "automatically login after filling details" together with "automatically copy and fill one-time code after autofill". Last one i understand but why have i to check auto-login? "autofill without showing enpass assistant" is not allowed to be checked, otherwise it doesn't work anymore. (explanation later) Thats one part, the other part: I have at least at password field to click on the showing popup from enpass, if i just let it autofill without clicking on the popup, OTP isn't autofilled, just copied to clipboard. Problem with that: If Enpass autofills and logins direct after autofilling OTP, i can't check that OTP isn't asked at next login. (see second gif) 1Password is handling it better: At Login i have to click on the username, password and OTP are filled automatically, even if OTP site comes later. Even if (for example) google wants to login with security key, i cancel it and choose authenticator app, 1Password autofills OTP.
  4. Sorry for the late answer. I'm using Windows 11 Pro 22H2 Build 22621.963 Enpass App version: 6.8.4 (1166) Browsers: Chrome 108.0.5359.125 with Extension 6.8.0 Opera 94.0.4606.38 with Extension 6.8.0 Edge 108.0.1462.76 with Extension 6.8.0 Firefox 108.0.2 with Extension 6.8.0 Second PC: Windows 10 Pro 21H2 Build 19044.2364 Enpass App version: 6.8.4 (1166) Browsers: Edge 108.0.1462.76 with Extension 6.8.0 Chrome 108.0.5359.125 with Extension 6.8.0 Firefox 108.0.2 with Extension 6.8.0 I've tested Amazon and Google with all browsers but same behavior on all other sites with OTP. On both Systems autofill of username and password is working fine but it doesn't autofill the OTP, copy to clipboard works fine but i have to paste it manually. With 1Password everything is working fine for me and OTPs are autofilled.
  5. Hi, thank you for your reply. I know Enpass copies the OTP automatically after login. What i haven't seen before ist the option "Automatically Copy an fill OTP..." but i can only see this option in the app itself. In the firefox (and opera) browser extension settings it only says "Automatically copy OTP after autofill" (without fill). So auto-copy is working fine, but it doesn't autofill the OTP, i have to paste it manually every time.
  6. Hi, i know Enpass copies the TOTP after Login, but other Password Managers also autofill the TOTP just like username and password so i don't have to insert it manually via mouse or CRTL + V Beside auto-copy of the TOTP that would be a really great and one of few missing features (in my opinion)
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