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  1. I think you are facing totally different issue which is probably reported here. If that's the case then you can move to page and report the app and all things req to reproduce issue.
  2. I am glad that this bug is fixed now. I really appreciate it. Can you provide me an eta for next update? Is new build going to be in beta for testing? And is fix submitted to play console for review? Thanks.
  3. @Abhishek Dewanany updates? It has been 24 hours and there is no response from support team.
  4. I have tried all the troubleshooting methods which are listed on site. Also these options are already enabled. All browsers which i mentioned are latest upto this date and it is not working on apps also as i mentioned. This is really irritating that it hasn't been fixed from October. Even new password managers works perfectly in that regard. The most irritating is that it doesn't even works in apps Quick actions on this issue would be appreciated.
  5. Update: it doesn't appear on android apps also. Tried logging into netflix and prompt didn't appear on A33 on Android 13 but i got the prompt on another device using android 12 Both devices uses same app version
  6. Hey there, I am currently using enpass after a friend's recommendedation but i am having too much problem figuring it out! I am having many issues. One of them is that I am not getting the prompt to save passwords in any web browser i have tried chrome, brave and firefox. Where as i have tried other password managers also and they work flawlessly in that regard. I get prompt to save password whenever i create a new account or login my existing account. Enpass version- Android version- 13 Device- Samsung galaxy A33 5G
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