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  1. Thank you really much! I will help if i can. have a great time!
  2. Hi! Thanks for your response. I tried your steps but without success. I'm using the latest iOS Enpass - v 6.8.6 (684). I do face this issue when connecting to my home server (static ip through browser i. E. I have different services running with different ports that all have different user and passwords. so it's unconvenient that this does not work. regards Jonas
  3. Hello it works on windows and mac but not on my iphone. I turned the setting to on but it does not work at all it os picking always the first account of the list.
  4. Hello in my homelab i have a lot of services on my server with the same base ip but lots of different ports. unfortunately enpass shows me all i have saved and it can be confusing which one to use. especially on my phone because i see only the username (often times admin). can you please change that? Regards Jonas
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