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  1. I can't use autofill since November, and it's almost March now. I've reinstalled maybe 3 or 4 times but I've given up on that, since it's obvious that the problem will keep reappearing (at the very least) until there's a software update of Enpass on iOS. At the same time it seems Enpass isn't even bothering trying to replicate the issue. No one's been asked about which software versions, devices, cloud services... they use. Apart from the obligatory but shallow apologies, we simply haven't heard back. In months. I've been a happy Enpasser since 2016, but I may very well be done with it now and move on. Bitwarden seems appealing.
  2. Radio silence on this issue for a month now! When can your customers expect a long overdue fix? Last software update was more than 2 months ago in any case. I hope you still have a development team?
  3. Give it a few days, this issue will probably return. Same thing here for the last 2 months.
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