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  1. It is now May 2023 and it is sad to see that the portable version still remains at 6.6.1 Release Date May 19, 2021. I know the answer will be the same, that they can't give a date and it will be out soon... It leaves a bad image for a program that we users need to have trust in.
  2. Removed some attachments (small .txt and .jpg files) but they are not removed from the cloud (Nextcloud). Have experimented a bit, added new entries with attachments, then edited and removed some again. Attachments stay in the cloud, are not deleted. It creates a confusion, they get a random name (0b055dfb-2445-4c55-80d7-6ccb262528f9.enpassattach), so you don't know which file may be deleted. Windows 11 Pro x64 | Enpass 6.8.4 (1166) | Sync via Nextcloud
  3. Hi @ all The function is great, but I miss the possibility to delete the whole history or a single password from the password history. Since it belongs to the topic: It should be marked (e.g. with an icon), which passwords have a password history. Edit: In the mobile Android version the password history is not available. Or did I miss something?
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