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  1. I'm also having icon issues on Windows 10 Version 1803, Build 17134.471. I tried with both the Windows Store app and the Traditional Win-32. I get icons on the left hand side but they are out of place / overlap. I get no icons in the menu and have to hover around to find the buttons from when the ToolTip text pops up.
  2. Howdy. Long time user of KeePass and PasswordSafe here. I recently found Enpass and LOVE it! But there is one feature I am very much missing in Enpass. Are there any plans to implement field references to enable central management of Single Sign-On / shared accounts? Similar to this perhaps? http://keepass.info/help/base/fieldrefs.html Two usage examples from my old KeePass and PasswordSafe databases: 1. Microsoft Account I have a "Microsoft Account" entry in an "Identities" folder which stores my Microsoft username and password. Then I have entries in my "Internet" folder for OneDrive, Outlook Webmail, and various SharePoint sites that set field references to the username and password fields in my "Microsoft Account" entry. 2. Server Management At work I have an administrative account where the same username / password is used across multiple servers that I manage (SSH credentials for Linux and RDP/ADS for Windows). I have my administrative account credentials entered into the "Identities" folder. I again create a separate entry for each managed server where the username and password values are set to field references back to the username and password fields in the single entry in my "Identities" folder. This feature lets me manage my accounts easily by updating the credentials once for items in the "Identities" folder. Then all other items that reference the credentials I just changed are automatically updated. Saves a great deal of time when changing passwords since I am not forced to search for and update all entries that share the same credentials. Thanks again for the excellent software!
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