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  1. Please give me a hint as to whether or not Enpass is still being developed before I go ahead and purchase Strongbox (which is actively developed and whose demise would not be a problem because it uses an open format). If so, what gives it the appearance of being lifeless? I want to know exactly what I'm getting into before I spend any time and money switching password managers. flyingtogether.ual.com login I've noticed that Enpass hardly ever gets updated. (even minor). It's great that the browser extension has seen significant development in recent times, but that's all there has been. There has been no news about a redesign, no new features, and no other indication that Enpass is still being actively developed. If updates were made on a regular basis, it might be something, but as it stands, it can be months before even a minor update is released to fix bugs. It appears that reported bugs are not being fixed for months after they are reported. In most cases, that means the project has been scrapped, but it could also mean that a major update is being worked on behind the scenes. Looks like I'm not alone here.
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