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  1. I have an installation of Enpass that appears to be corrupted. When I open the file, it prompts me for a password, but doesn't accept it. I know I'm providing the correct password (typed in text editor and pasted). Upon further investigation: There is no Enpass folder under Documents The registry entries for Enpass desktop look incomplete (HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Sinew Software Systems) (I have this installed on several computers, so I could compare them). I've uninstalled Enpass and re-installed multiple times. I tried 5.3 and 5.4.1. I uninstalled, then manually deleted the above registry key. I would have expected to see the wizard interface to get me setup, but instead is shows enter password page and won't accept any passwords...which kind of makes sense since there is no Enpass folder in documents, hence no data file and I see in registry that dropbox isn't setup at all, so it can't get to any data...but still prompting me for password. How can I completely, cleanly uninstall Enpass so I get re-install it? Thanks!
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