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  1. Nobody here cares. If I’d handle my customers this way… But I’m a journalist and you can be sure I’ll report this to my readers.
  2. Now it's 2024 already and the bug still exists.
  3. What is the current state? Now it’s September, 4 months later, and nothing has changed. This is very frustrating.
  4. Thank you for your answer! 1. No, I don't have two different usernames or emails for the vaults. They are only named different. 2. I cannot connect with the second NextCloud account because 3. I cannot connect with the 2nd account because Enpass stays logged in into the 1st account and there is no error message. This behaviour is different from the desktop app. To me it looks important to know that on my Macs I can connect with both accounts, but not in the iPhone and the iPad. Currently I'm not able to send you a screen shot because I'm not at home or in my office this week. Anyway, there is no error message. Let me know if you need more information.
  5. As I already mentioned everything is up to date. My iOS and iPadOS versions are 16.4.1. Enpass is 6.8.6. I’m not logged in with a browser. I use Safari. But I also use the NextCloud app. There is no way to clear the caches on Apple‘s mobile OS‘s. Sorry, but currently I cannot create a demo account. But there are NextCloud servers on the net that allow you to create trial accounts. It’s the same problem with them. BTW, why does this work well on macOS, but not on iOS and iPadOS?
  6. I have a very similar problem. On my iPad and iPhone I cannot connect to a second NextCloud account on the same server. On my MacBook and iMac I can use 2 NextCloud accounts without any problems. I helped myself using WebDAV for the second account, but that’s not a good solution because it is slow and unsafe, especially on mobile devices. I use the latest version of Enpass, iOS and iPadOS are up to date as well (16). Please help and advice!
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