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  1. It used to be that Enpass would forget my fingerprint after each 3-5 days (Windows Hello prompt will come up as usual, but it would force me to enter password even though fingerprint is successful). After the update, it seems Enpass forgets my fingerprint every time I shut down my computer. This is very inconvenient because of how we need to reenter the password after every shutdown/hibernation which is quite tedious. Maybe consider restoring the previous versions.
  2. Hello, I described this issue in a previous post I made. It appears this problem has not been solved yet.
  3. Has this issue been fixed yet? Enpass is still sized incorrectly when my laptop is unplugged from the monitor.
  4. vivek

    Enpass Glitches

    Hi, for (2) this is not after unsuccessful attempt. I successfully unlocked it with fingerprint, and it reverts to a password-only screen. This is a glitch that shows up occasionally. And in (3) the website is proton.me, and various other sites I cannot remember. In response to (5) you could make it a little smaller at least. Or add a "hide for this page" or "hide permanently" option. Also, it would be nice if passwords can be saved even if you are not logged into Enpass. If you look at Nordpass for example, you can still generate a save dialog when the password manager is locked - you would just click "save password and unlock vault" to continue to save the password so you don't lose it accidentally. With Enpass, there is no such functionality.
  5. I am referring to the assistant. As you can see by the picture below, I must scroll very far to reach the bottom of the list as I have over 30 accounts. If it gave an option to show more entries (i.e 10), it would be a lot easier to use. Also, a "recently used" feature on the assistant as well would be helpful.
  6. It is really annoying to scroll when you have more than 20 accounts for a site. The native Chrome password manager does not force one to scroll, and that is much more intuitive. Also, you could find a way to order the passwords by last used on the dialog box, so we can fill that password in faster.
  7. Hi, I noticed there are a few very annoying glitches that Enpass frequently has: 1) Failure to resize correctly after connection to larger monitor from laptop (see image). This essentially results in the window being stuck on the screen with no option to exit the program or get rid of the blue box. Instead, Task Manager has to be used to kill Enpass. 2) Windows Hello does not show up sometimes for login (see image). I don't understand why the app sometimes shows a Windows Hello fingerprint dialog, and then reverts to the password screen. This could be very dangerous if the user had indeed forgotten their password. 3) Showing the Enpass "unlock" dialog unecessarily (i.e. in the Protonmail email client, when I try to fill in the email subject line "unlock Enpass" or a bunch of logins in a dropdown is presented to me). This is only supposed to show on login, not in the Compose box. 4) Showing Enpass credit card autofill for random text boxes (i.e. it once showed fill CC on a survey site). This is a severe security flaw which should be remedied by requiring the user's input before offering the selections. 5) There should be a way to hide the "unlock Enpass" dialog somehow. 6) The save new password dialog should show the email and password fields immediately. Sometimes, I am forced to hit "show more" to edit these field when Enpass makes a filling mistake. Will it be possible to fix these issues?
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