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  1. Update: The new Mac OS X 10.14.4 Beta 6 that was released today seems to have fixed the issue in that I can now launch it normally without the need for the command line. I don't know if the "launchctl" command still needs to be run once, but I didn't need to re-run it for it to work on the new update.
  2. I had also tried the other option with the launchctl setenv QMLSCENE_DEVICE "softwarecontext" command and restarted my Mac before I tried that, might want to try that if you haven't already
  3. It didn't work for me either, however launching it from the Terminal with the below command worked alright: QMLSCENE_DEVICE=softwarecontext open /Applications/Enpass.app
  4. Thanks for the update! Quick question, for the Linux version it says that it's now "" rather than "5.5.1", is 5.5.1 just for the Windows version?
  5. Taking a quick browse through the code for the Enpass extension for Chrome and it looks like it's using the chrome.storage.sync property to store the option for the shortcut. While this makes it convenient to sync across devices, I have a few different devices that I'd like to have different shortcuts on, and with the sync property being used it changes it automatically on every device. Could you make it an option to instead use the chrome.storage.local property instead? That way I can set the correct shortcut for each devices without overwriting the others. All it has to be is a simple checkbox with the label "Sync across devices?".
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