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  1. Currently I can only see few categories on the side Tool Bar (see pic). How do we add more categories?
  2. Any update on this, please. The absence of the 'Sticky' feature is v anoying at time.
  3. A. There must be an option to add more categories in the left-most tool bar A. B. There must be an option to sort by categories in B. So if we chose ALL in the toll bar, we can sort thrn all by categries.
  4. You are right. But this is not enough. The main-windows should 'stick' esply when we are trying to enter userid or password on some site and have to keep referring to the main window. These days most secure sights do not allow you to paste these values, so you have no option other than referring to the main window all the time
  5. As far as I can see, only Home, Favorites, Credit Cards and Identities are visible. There is no option to select categries to be made visible
  6. Currently Home, Favorites, Credit Cards and Identities are the only categries available in the left Side Bar. How do we add more?
  7. Thanks. Tried, but clicking outside causes Enpass to disappear.
  8. Can Enpass Desktop version window be made 'sticky', so it stays on top of other windows..?
  9. Thanks. I I found out it is possible to edit existing templates and rename them.
  10. Currently Enpass allows us to move the fields up and down within a particular entry, say Bank. Wish it was possible to fix the order of fields as a template, so it won't be necessary to move them up and down after creating every entry.
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