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  1. Yesterday, after I received my new iPhone, I followed thru with all steps you listed above - and it worked just perfectly Thank you so much for your support, Abhishek Dewan
  2. Thank you, Abhishek Dewan, that's great and sounds reasonably straightforward. I will just have to create a new Apple ID and secondary iCloud account and will tend to it on the weekend. Will get back to you afterwards.
  3. I run Enpass on both my iPhone and my MacBook Air, databases are synchronized thru iCloud. Now, after not using the Macbook installed Engpass for quite a long time I seem to have forgotten the master password and can't log into the Mac OS database, yet I can still use Engpass on the iPhone using Touch ID for unlocking and have just backed up that database to iCloud. Is It possible to restore the database from the backup to the Mac OS installed Engpass? I imagine that first I have to delete the Engpass installation, then create a clean new installation and create a new master password. Then I want to restore from the backup and like to use Touch ID to unlock the backup rather than type the (forgotten) master password ... will that work? Or is there any other way that would save me from manually filling in the data? Thank you for your feedback
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