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  1. Well yes in some way it helps - but just as much as that I have to search for another solution by now; Mobile Firefox so far is the place that keeps all my bookmarks and history so another browser won't help much. Do you have an estimation whether / if support for mobile Firefox will appear one day? TIA and all the best, Kristian
  2. Hi all; am into evaluating Enpass for my password syncing needs, so far I really love what I see (also because this seems the only of these tools to provide a working Linux desktop app which is a strict requirement to me), however on Android using mobile Firefox I fail to do autofill: Having set up Enpass keyboard, autofill continuously ends up with a message like "autofill not supported on your platform,-201". How to resolve this? I'm on AOSP / Android 7.1.1, rooted, on a Moto G 2015. TIA and all the best, Kristian
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