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  1. That worked Abhishek - infact, I had to uninstall and reinstall during steps 2 and 3. Now I see my desktop instance updating the dropbox vault. Thank you so much for your help.
  2. Hi @Abhishek Dewan, thanks for an elaborate response. I already have the cloud vault (dropbox) configured in my Desktop instance of Enpass (I have been using Enpass for many years now and this cross-device access using dropbox used to work before). When I change anything in the desktop, i see the changes made only on the local valult and not in my dropbox vault. i can ascertain this by looking at the timestamp of your db files and also by checking in my mobile. The mobile install of Enpass is configured to go against the dropbox vault - when i change something in the desktop, i am not seeing those changes in the mobile. But, if i change any detail through the mobile device, i see that the dropbox vault is changed and the db file timestamp in dropbox changes. I even tried clicking the "Sync Now" button against my dropbox vault in the desktop instance (Settings -> Vaults), but it does not seem to do anything. BTW, in your instruction, you have stated Setting’s → Vaults → Select the Vault for which you would like to setup sync → Setup Sync. I do not see a setup sync - i see only a + Add new vault. Also, if i try to disconnect the existing dropbox vault so that i can try to reconnect and check, i am not able to disconnect the existing dropbox vault either - Clicking on Disconnect takes me to the next page with the option to delete data and shows another Disconnect button. If i click on that Disconnect button, i am just taken back to the Vault Settings page and the dropbox vault continues to remain.
  3. Hello, I have a windows installation of enpass. It is configured to use Dropbox as the primary vault. But instead of using Dropbox as the primary vault, it uses a local vault in the C drive (C:\Users\<user name>\AppData\Local\Packages\SinewSoftwareSystems.EnpassPasswordManager_fwdy0m65qb6h2\LocalState\Vaults\primary) as pointed to by the 'Data Location' in the Advanced tab of Settings. Any changes I make seem to be made against the local vault and not against the dropbox vault. I would like my enpass instance to use the Dropbox vault so that i can access it in my mobile also. I have the premium version of enpass. Please advise. Thanks, Suresh.
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