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  1. Some time ago (12 may 2016) I bought a "lifetime" version for Android in Google Play, later on (30 december 2018) premium features for Windows client in the Windows Store (for "lifetime" of course), and after the last update I only have the Lite version with only 25 entries on Android Like anyone who was buy nothing Shame on you!
  2. Hey enpass stuff, do you think about solving this problem or do you treat it if it was not?
  3. Install enpass-bin package from AUR using yaourt, pacaur or other AUR helper
  4. Gnome in version 3.26 removes legacy system try. From this time the system try icon of enpass isn't visible in any way. If I use topicons plus extension or appindicator extension to gnome shell it isn't visible too.
  5. Something new with this issue?
  6. Ok, I'm waiting for good news
  7. I'm using Arch Linux with gnome, all packages in latest versions. In last days I installed Antergos on new machine and the same problem is here. I attach links to two screencasts: 1. with enpass running when click shutdown 2. with enpass closed when shutodown
  8. When enpass desktop app is running under gnome, there is about 90 seconds of waiting before logout / shutdown dialog is shown... when i close enpass before clicking shutdown in gnome there is no additional waiting.
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