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  1. Hi hysonmb, There is no option to choose between unlocking by Hello or master password Once you Enable Windows Hello in Enpass Settings, Enpass will prompt you to unlock keychain using Windows Hello Preferences. This behavior will continue until and unless Enpass is restarted either by you or killed by OS. After that it becomes mandatory to unlock by master password. Although in near future we will bring Full-time Hello support.
  2. Hi Plonqor,Thanks for your suggestions. This feature is already in our roadmap. First we will rolled out for desktop and step by step on all the platforms.
  3. Hey guys,Thanks for your suggestions. they are already in our roadmap and will be available with our future versions.
  4. Hi @Petr.mahdal, The Current UWP App doesn't support the external browser extensions due to unavailability of required APIs to communicate with third party Apps i.e Opera Browser in your case. So to use browser extensions you have to stick with the traditional Windows PC App.   We are also eagerly waiting for the time when Microsoft will support developing extensions for Edge and the corresponding required APIs for UWP Apps to communicate with Edge. Recently they have rolled out couple of Edge extensions only for Insider users https://blogs.windows.com/windowsexperience/2016/03/17/bringin
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