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  1. Have you guys considered offering the addon through the website instead of the Firefox Addons site, and adding an autoupdate url? The addon store seems to be really slow with accepting new changes. Something like https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/Add-ons/Updates#Enabling_updates_to_your_extension could work. Then if it's signed and offered on the site, updates could be made without waiting for the Firefox AMO to review the changes.
  2. I liked this feature inside of LastPass, since it was useful for this web program that I use. I use something that allows me to click multiple shortcuts on one url and it will load an iframe of other webpages for me to log into instead of having multiple tabs. However, with Enpass, iframe detection isn't supported, so when I try to fill in the page example1.example.com thats showing an iframe of weblogin.example.com, it will not find the weblogin.example.com but only example1.example.com I tried searching on the forums for iframe but seems like nobody has suggested it before. Could you guys add this feature, I find it to be really useful and used it quite often with other password managers.
  3. I have noticed that the Firefox addon isn't as updated as the Opera and Chrome addons. The last update to the Firefox one was back in January for multiprocess but the release notes for the addons has received more updates since then which Firefox still has problems with. When I had signed up for this forum, Enpass never asked if I wanted to save the password. It only does for 75% or so of the websites I sign up for. Another bug that is fixed in Chrome but not firefox is the "Fixed a minor issue where Enpass was prompting to autosave login details even though no password field was present on that page." I also noticed that the Chrome addon is a version higher than what's on the release notes, did it recieve more updates than Opera? Would it be possible to send the fixes made to the Chrome addon and Opera addon to the Firefox one as well?
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