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  1. Disagree. I've enabled fingerprint which was off by default. I want to be able to use it instead of my password, regardless of whether I've just started the app or not. It's my preferred method of authentication, and I accept the risk that someone might acquire my fingerprint - if someone has managed to do so, and has access to my phone, I have bigger problems. But I am not an international spy, nor, to my knowledge, are any interested in my reddit password. If this feature becomes reality, I would really hope that it's a configurable option, because the current behavior is exactly what I need and want.
  2. I found a link for 5.5.1 and downgraded, Edge extension is working again.
  3. I received a popup this morning to update to desktop beta version 5.5.3. After installing it, the Edge extension no longer works (it worked great with 5.5.2). When I click the extension icon, I get the "enpass connection error" page. I've verified the extension is enabled and loaded, I re-ran the checknetisolation command just in case, and verified that beta updates, browser extensions, and edge extension are all enabled in settings (I even turned them off & on again). Is there some other setting I need to change? Or a new edge extension version to install? (I don't see a new version anywhere). Thanks, g.
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