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  1. What is that string there and what does it do, though? And how do I turn it off? No other password management service that I've used does that. It's definitely not necessary.
  2. I'm thinking about switching over completely to Enpass but this doesn't make me comfortable. My other password manager that I've been using for years doesn't do this. Whenever I click on a link on the app, my web browser then opens the link but there's a string of ?Enpass6AutoFill= followed by a bunch of characters (letters and numbers). It's the same string of characters for any websiite, and it's totally necessary. I just want to open a regular link. Having the ? at the end of a URL means that all of that information get's submitted to the website, when a form (such as a login and password) gets sent. I want to like Enpass but this is completely unnecessary and not a good look in terms of privacy. How do I disable this?
  3. Please make your Safari extension also available on Apple's Safari Extension Gallery (https://safari-extensions.apple.com). The advantage of having it there is that it updates automatically and it gives extra peace of mind knowing that it passed Apple's standards. The extension of your main competitor is. You should definitely add yours too. To be honest, I only use Safari extensions that are on Apple's Safari Extension Gallery, for the reasons I just pointed out. Edit: Never mind. I just noticed it is there. For some reason they first time I search for Enpass in the Safari Extensions Gallery, nothing came up. Keep up the good work guys!
  4. You should add iCloud sync for Windows computers. iCloud is available for Windows and you can save and sync any files to the cloud, like you do with the other more common cloud servers. I do not like Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, etc. Please consider adding iCloud sync to Windows. Thanks.
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