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  1. last friday i got a system update and the fingerprint stopt working again. google smart lock was this time not the problem. i removed my fingerprints and the screen accessibility of enpass and installed them again. the fingerprint is working again Enpass blocks the saving of screen-shots
  2. When i activate google smart lock on my phone it blocks enpass from using my fingerprints to unlock enpass. Android: 9 phone: Sharp Aquos V (SH-C02)
  3. Is this fix only available for new firefox versions because i still have the problem. i'm running Ubuntu 14.04 (LTS) with firefox 66.0.3 Diederik Edit: i changed the value of xpinstall.signatures.required in about:config to ignore the signatures for now it is working again
  4. Today the Google signin works for me. enpass fills in my name and then goes to the next page where it fill in my password and then enter the google site
  5. when does this update comes available for firefox?? My laptop (ubuntu0 14.04 - firefox 53.0) stopped auto-filling the fields on google login
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