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  1. Hi, I find myself regularly opening enpass from the browser plugin, but then having to search again for the entry I was showing in the plugin. This is usually to update usernames, passwords, ... Would it be possible to have the main enpass application jump to the entry that was selected before in the browser plugin? thanks, Stijn
  2. Hi, When closing the desktop application to the systray, there is a notification popping up where it says "Click here to restore enpass". This bothers me, since i closed EnPass, I don't need to restore it. If I would need to restore it, I would just double click on the systray icon right next to the notification :-) thanks, Stijn
  3. Hi, I'm syncing to the webdav service of a self-hosted seafile server. The strange thing is that it only happens some times when resuming from stand-by.
  4. Hi @Ankur Sahu, I'm on version 5.3.0 but today i again noticed high cpu usage (22% which is almost 100% of one core). And the status bar shows "Synchronizing..." but never finishes. Only after closing and restarting Enpass makes it synchronize again. regards, Stijn
  5. Hi, When opening the Windows Mobile app it starts refreshing automaticly (good). But, when I'm searching for an entry before the sync is done, it will redirect to the list page after syncing, clearing my search query / results. regards, Stijn
  6. Hi all, Really appreciate the amount of reply's in this topic. But the original request was about cpu usage when resuming from standby. While after restarting enpass the cpu usage returns to normal. This together with not being able to sync with webdav after standby (don't know if Max has this problem too). High memory / disk usage isn't nice, but it also isn't really a problem. The syncing issue bothers me, as I have to remember closing and starting Enpass everytime I use my pc. I would also like someone from enpass to reply to this topic. They already merged it, so they must have seen it. thanks, Stijn
  7. Hi Max, Do you use standby on your PC? I have an issue where syncing to webdav fails after standby, and cpu usage spikes. Maybe cpu usage spikes even without syncing to webdav. regards, Stijn
  8. Hi, When I resume my PC from standby the sync icon in Enpass keeps turning and doesn't complete. It also uses 27% cpu at that time. If I quit Enpass and open it again it syncs instantly and everything is back to normal until I resume from standby again. regards, Stijn
  9. Hi, I also experienced an empty clipboard while I already copied something different. Altough I am not able to recreate the issue at this moment. Stijn
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