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  1. Hi there, On my wife's phone Enpass somehow fills wrong values, both with autofill and notification system. It used to work fine, but not anymore. She complained passwords were suddenly wrong. So i investigate and found Enpass is using wrong fields to fill. It looks somewhat random. For instance, on one website it seems to use the 'username' field to fill as password and on another site it uses e-mail field as username but with correct password. Both examples used to work and come from our shared vault and both work fine on my phone and on pc. It's just Enpass on her phone that is acting strangely. I already tried to uninstall Enpass and reinstall from Play Store but that did not help. Any advice? My wife's phone is a Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact, running Android 9 (build 47.2.A.8.24) with Enpass
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