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  1. Same issue here, but on Android.
  2. So, almost a year later and this is still not working... will you ever fix this?
  3. I was wrong about Android, i do get autofill in the Home Assistant app for Android. However, not on Windows with browser login, tested on Brave and Edge browsers. On Windows 10: Enpass version: 6.8.5 (1239) Enpass Extension: 6.8.6 Brave browser: 1.50.125 Edge browser: 112.0.1722.68
  4. New Home Assistant user here. Issue still persists, i get no Enpass popup whatsoever. Neither on Windows or Android. Also, double clicking the item in Enpass does not fill credentials. This is the HA login page source: <!DOCTYPE html><html><head><title>Home Assistant</title><link rel="modulepreload" href="/frontend_latest/authorize-Qclx9bP5GAs.js" crossorigin="use-credentials"><meta charset="utf-8"><link rel="manifest" href="/manifest.json" crossorigin="use-credentials"><link rel="icon" href="/static/icons/favicon.ico"><meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width,user-scalable=no,viewport-fit=cover,initial-scale=1"><style>body{font-family:Roboto,sans-serif;-moz-osx-font-smoothing:grayscale;-webkit-font-smoothing:antialiased;font-weight:400;margin:0;padding:0;height:100%}</style><style>.content{padding:20px 16px;max-width:360px;margin:0 auto}.header{font-size:1.96em;display:flex;align-items:center;justify-content:center;font-weight:300}.header img{margin-right:16px}@media (prefers-color-scheme:dark){html{background-color:#111;color:#e1e1e1}}</style></head><body><div class="content"><div class="header"><img src="/static/icons/favicon-192x192.png" height="52" alt=""> Home Assistant</div><ha-authorize><p>Initializing</p></ha-authorize></div><script>function _ls(e){var t=document.documentElement,i=t.insertBefore(document.createElement("script"),t.lastChild);return i.defer=!0,i.src=e,i}window.Polymer={lazyRegister:!0,useNativeCSSProperties:!0,dom:"shadow",suppressTemplateNotifications:!0,suppressBindingNotifications:!0},window.polymerSkipLoadingFontRoboto=!0,"customElements"in window&&"content"in document.createElement("template")||document.write("<script src='/static/polyfills/webcomponents-bundle.js'><\/script>");var isS11_12=/(?:.*(?:iPhone|iPad).*OS (?:11|12)_\d)|(?:.*Version\/(?:11|12)(?:\.\d+)*.*Safari\/)/.test(navigator.userAgent)</script><script>if(-1===navigator.userAgent.indexOf("Android")&&-1===navigator.userAgent.indexOf("CrOS")){function _pf(o,t){var n=document.createElement("link");n.rel="preload",n.as="font",n.type="font/woff2",n.href=o,n.crossOrigin="anonymous",document.head.appendChild(n)}_pf("/static/fonts/roboto/Roboto-Regular.woff2"),_pf("/static/fonts/roboto/Roboto-Medium.woff2")}</script><script crossorigin="use-credentials">window.globalThis||(window.globalThis=window),isS11_12||(import("/frontend_latest/authorize-Qclx9bP5GAs.js"),window.latestJS=!0,window.providersPromise=fetch("/auth/providers",{credentials:"same-origin"}))</script><script>window.latestJS||_ls("/frontend_es5/authorize-ydIl3bd5-6o.js")</script></body></html> I hope you guys can provide a fix for this. Thanks.
  5. I guess 'is not working on fixing it' should be 'is now working on fixing it. Thanks for the support. I'll be waiting patiently but if there's anything i can do to provide more info just let me know.
  6. Hi @Abhishek Dewan, Sorry for the late reply. I updated Enpass and followed your troubleshooting steps but the issue persists. 1) OS: Windows 10 Version 21H2, Build 19044, 1889 Chrome browser Version 105.0.5195.54 / Brave browser Version 1.42.97 / Edge browser Version 104.0.1293.70 / all with Enpass Extension 6.8.0 2) Only found this issue on id.unity.com
  7. Hi, When i click Signin on unity.com Enpass can't find the associated item to autofill directly from the login fields. But it can find it when using the browser addon. Tried both Chrome and Edge. Platform: Windows Enpass version: 6.8.1 (1063)
  8. Enpass Android 10 on Huawei P30
  9. As title, autofill credentials for login into IBKR Mobile app is not working, there is no popup to autofill.
  10. Darn, spoke too soon; still lots of entries are failing.
  11. Latest update seems to have fixed this issue! There is no pop-up bubble anymore, but at least filling with notification works as it should. Great guys, thank you!
  12. I do hope this get sorted in the next update; my wife is going crazy (can't blame her) for having to open the full Enpass app and manually copy her login credentials every time she needs to log on to a website.
  13. Weird, it does work for me (tried on Windows with Chrome) for accounts.google.com. Even better than at login.live.com, because on live i have to click the sign in button on the password popup, but on google all it takes is one double click in the Enpass extension and i'm logged in fully automatically. I really don't know why it doesn't work for you, maybe it's browser/extension dependent?
  14. This functionality is working as expected for me for login.live.com (hotmail). I only have to choose the account one time, the password is already filled when the password popup shows up. Works on Windows and on Android, both use Chrome browser. Does it work for you on login.live.com? Maybe you could post links to websites that don't work for you so the devs can take a look at them.
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