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  1. LOL You guys are so funny to call that feature "autofill". Haha. You know what? My computer has this great feature calle "auto-everything". It can do everything automatically. Really! I just have to press some keys and do some clicks and boom!, it does it all by itself! Even this message was composed with this function. It's so great! I didn't have to do anything (except for pressing some keys). Anyway! I'm staying with KeePass. It's entirely free and better (except for the UI design) and more configurable and ...
  2. So are you saying that autofill now works for you? Because in my case Enpass has no problem identifying the website but it does not fill in the fields unless you manually activate the "autofill" by cicking on the Enpass button and selecting the relevant entry.
  3. I can confirm that Autofill doesn't work in Chrome. Rather disappointing but I guess it will be fixed soon?
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