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  1. Hello, When using a Windows 10 computer and chrome, how does Enpass fill the fields? Does it use a virtual keyboard...or maybe copies it to the clipboard for a split second...or maybe uses javascript....or something else? I am trying to understand how susceptible it would be to a keylogger vs Keepass or Roboform. I understand if someone has a keylogger on their computer that other programs can likely have a gateway to get the information anyway. I am trying to understand, so i can make a judgement call of what to use based on the facts. For example...the short route I drive to get my mail is unlikely to be benefited by a seatbelt...but i still use one because I feel the minimal effort will probably result in a safer experience. If i had to use a 5 point harness or something that took 30 seconds to get on, I probably wouldn't for just that short drive. Thanks
  2. Hello, I came across an interesting topic that was closed without replies to other browsers being able to fill popup windows. Any ideas to how the others can do it? maybe they are less secure and used the clipboard to get around it? Thanks
  3. Hello, Please add the option to add bookmarks to your product. An old post mentions there are cross browser plugins for this. Unfortunately the programs i have looked at so far all require online accounts...and using your product for the offline database feature, defeats that point. If you believe there are some good cross browser bookmark products, please give some examples that I can install while completely offline, and never get synced with a server. I am trying to move from Roboform to your product. Having Bookmarks all in the same product is one less thing to install....and makes things very convenient when switching browsers because a website isn't behaving in chrome. Plus when i eventually sync to a USB drive, while on the road, it will be nice to have all my bookmarks come along. I can create a tag or folder called bookmarks as a work around....but it is very clumsy. thanks
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