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  1. From a users point of view a lifetime license seems great. From a business point of view this can't be good. As long as thousands of new licenses are sold each month, you can pay your bills. But at some point that will stop and/or decrease when most potential customers have bought such lifetime license. It's very important to trust your passwords in the hands of a third party, like Enpass. Therefore I think it's a legitimate question: what's you business model? How do you "pay your bills"?
  2. It's just bad application behavior imho. On my MacBook with "only" 4GB 155MB counts. Let's be honest, we're talking about a password manager. That's a small database program with a low amount of data (records/fields). Safe in Cloud, with the same number of items, has a database of 50Kb. In Enpass that's 1MB. Now diskspace isn't a problem, although why should a database be that much larger? That does count when syncing on a mobile over a 3G connection. Why should I waste 155MB of memory when it could be done in, let's say, 30MB (like PWSafe)? Why waste memory? Same reason why I uses Echofon (80MB after some time) instead of TweetBot (250MB after some time). Sure in these days GB's are cheap. But with 4GB of memory (of which 1,5-2GB is actually usable space) it doesn't hurt to be careful.
  3. Now restore only opens a small "quick search/access" window, not the main window. I have to do an extra action by opening the right bottom pull down menu to choose the "Show Enpass" menu option. Too many clicks for my taste. It would be nice to have "Show Enpass" (= open main window) directly in the system tray menu.
  4. My memory usage is now 155MB (Enpass + helper). CPU around 0,15. I find the memory usage much too high. Maybe it's due to .NET and memory isn't released often. Hope something can be done about this. Eg. Keepass used only 35MB. I'm using Windows 10 64 bits, Dropbox sync and have 500+ items.
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