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  1. Hello, No news . In two days, Firefox will be in version 57, no news of a plugin that will work with version 5.6.2 and Firefox 57. I disabled the Enpass plugin and I use Lastpass that works and that is compatible with Firefox 57 (other Dashlane, ... are also in order but not Enpass). It is very disappointing.
  2. Hello, The version of enpass for Windows 10 is 5.6.2. See here: https://www.enpass.io/downloads/ I don't want install two versions of enpass.
  3. Hello, So, if I understand correctly, Enpass release the version 5.6.2 newer than 5.6 but which is not compatible with the new extension. It's incomprehensible
  4. Hello, The extension does not work with Firefox 57 either. Why propose to install an extension that does not work? Remove this extension and offer it again when it works correctly.
  5. You are right kbe. I's is not serious is that an official like Akash Vyas indicates a link to an extension that does not work. I have version 5.6.2 of Enpass but the extension does not work: connection error. Many people have already reported the problem but there is no improvement.
  6. Hello, No news! An extension that does not work is always offered. It is urgent to finally release an extension compatible with Firefox 57. If the extension is not available for the release of Firefox 57, I will abandon Enpass.
  7. Hello, Thank you for your reply. I now understand the reason for double-click. But, why not right click to access the information and just a simple left click to fill in the data.
  8. Hello, Enpass managers should have a minimum of respect for those posting in their forum by taking a few moments to respond. I will not post anymore in this forum since it is useless. After more than a week, no response.
  9. Double click Hello, Why to do a double click and not a simple click to create an autofill?
  10. Ekalb.


    Keylogger Hello, When I write my main password in Enpass, is it protected against a keylogger?
  11. Hello, I use Firefox and with the Enpass extension in this browser, I can connect with this extension without having to do it by the main program (but it must be active). Enpass does not back up data on the developer's servers but on the server chosen by the user. This is not necessary except of course if you want synchronization between several devices. Enpass also backs up locally (on the PC therefore), which Lastpass does not do.
  12. Hello, Yes I know what you say, but why does Enpass keep unnecessary files? Why not delete them every day at the opening of Enpass for example? A temporary file should not remain on the disk eternally, otherwise it is not a temporary file.
  13. Hello, In my folder C:\Users\Me\AppData\Local\Temp I see: enpasserror.wav enpassunlock.wav qtsingleapp-enpass-d625-1d-lockfile qtsingleapp-enpass-d625-2d-lockfile qtsingleapp-enpass-d625-4d-lockfile qtsingleapp-enpass-d625-6d-lockfile qtsingleapp-enpass-d625-8d-lockfile qtsingleapp-enpass-d625-20d-lockfile qtsingleapp-enpass-d625-b-lockfile qtsingleapp-enpass-d625-c-lockfile Why are these files not automatically deleted?
  14. Hello, My internet provider is proximus.be. Its cloud is http://www.proximuscloud.be/ What information should I enter in the URL of Enpass (WebDav) to have the synchronization ? I have tried several url but the connection does not happen.
  15. Ekalb.


    Hello, Sorry, I made a mistake. There is no translation yet for Edge
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