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  1. Hi Something I am currently missing is a feature to use a login on a specific page it is not linked to. Something like searching in the extension for the right login, right clicking and saying "Use on this page" so far I've had to make do with copy pasting username/password. Thanks!
  2. Indeed, a relative path to the wallet file is a must. Otherwise you need to setup the settings for each pc each time. I think it is better to have a portable installation, with one wallet file, that resides relatively to the exe directory that you can open the same configuration on each computer instead of needing to setup the configuration for each station.
  3. I also think this would be useful to save for example a scan of a passport or as mentioned earlier, keyfiles. But for small files only or the walletfile would become way to big to sync fast. For larger files there exist other encryption solutions such as veracrypt.
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